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AutoAid Breakdown, along with sister brands Auto National Rescue and Euro Rescue, was acquired by RCIB, a domestic Insurance Broker based in Romford, Essex. AutoAid sets itself apart from the other brands by providing individual coverage rather than insuring a specific named car. This unique policy ensures that individuals are protected while legally driving any car in the U.K. But there's more.

AutoAid Breakdown goes above and beyond by also extending coverage to the policyholder's husband, wife, or legally recognized Civil Partner at no additional cost. With a nationwide fleet of over 5000 Breakdown vehicles, AutoAid strives to promptly reach the scene of any Breakdown. To keep policyholders informed, they receive a text message with the name of the local operator attending their emergency and an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

In case of uncertainty about the exact Breakdown location, AutoAid utilizes advanced technology to track the policyholder's mobile phone and pinpoint their whereabouts. By authorizing the tracking, a map reveals the precise location of the Breakdown.

As the owner of the AutoAid Breakdown brand, along with sister Breakdown brands Auto National Rescue and Euro Rescue, RCIB is a reputable domestic Insurance Broker offering a range of insurance services, including Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Motorbike Insurance. With a solid foundation in Romford, Essex, RCIB is committed to providing reliable and comprehensive coverage to its customers.