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Artchi is an innovative team that collaborates with emerging artists worldwide, aiming to integrate high-end art decor into people's daily lives. Their mission is to provide greater exposure to local and emerging artists while making art decor more affordable and accessible. Despite being a relatively young venture, Artchi quickly gained recognition and interest from art enthusiasts, magazines, and TV shows.

Their Gelato David sculpture was featured on the popular show Love Island, propelling them into the spotlight and achieving coverage in Hello Magazine. They also secured partnerships with renowned shops and art decor marketplaces, receiving awards and recognition from platforms like Artfinder. Artchi strives to make art a part of people's everyday lives, breaking free from the notion that it belongs exclusively in museums and exhibitions.

Artchi's success continued with an exclusive collaboration with Amara, a high-end furniture and decor platform. Through this partnership, their designs garnered significant interest and received exceptional five-star ratings from buyers. Amara even launched a new category for sculptures, expanding their collaboration into new fields. While they encountered logistical challenges during their early stages, Artchi remained committed to resolving issues and ensuring customer satisfaction. Through proactive communication, they achieved a 98% success rate in their deliveries.

Artchi's dedication to their vision has led them to display their designs in over 15 art and decor marketplaces worldwide. Operating as a UK-based company and a member of the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Artchi continues to work tirelessly to provide unseen art decor that surprises and delights. They encourage art enthusiasts to follow them on social media and join their newsletter to stay up to date with their latest creations and discoveries.