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Apex Hotels is a hospitality brand with a heartfelt dedication to providing a warm and inviting experience to its guests. While its origins lie in Scotland's capital, the brand has expanded its reach to encompass cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, London, and Bath. In each of their luxury hotels, guests can indulge in a relaxing retreat, with spacious bedrooms, vibrant bars and restaurants offering delightful bubbles and bites, and rejuvenating spa facilities with expert therapists.

Whether catering to adventurous explorers or corporate commuters, Apex Hotels ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all. From their cozy lounge and bar areas for work or leisure to the personalized service of friendly staff at every corner, the brand places its guests at the center of their focus. Since opening their first hotel in Edinburgh's Grassmarket in 1996, Apex Hotels has grown to encompass eight luxury establishments across the UK, each exuding its own distinct personality, style, and character. No matter the choice, a stay at Apex Hotels promises to be an experience worth cherishing, from the moments of dining and relaxation to the cherished memories in between.