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Accurist, an esteemed brand with a rich British heritage, takes great pride in its accomplishments. In 2022, the brand made a strategic decision to place heritage and British design at the forefront of its identity, promising customers a distinct experience through its timepieces. As Accurist embarks on a new era, introducing fresh products, features, and services, it has meticulously refined its range to align with the core values of the brand and the ever-changing needs and values of its discerning customers.

With a legacy that spans generations, Accurist remains faithful to its commitment to exceptional quality. Seamlessly blending heritage, style, and modernity, the brand epitomizes these qualities in every timepiece it creates. The new range showcases the pinnacle of Accurist's craftsmanship, presenting watches that draw inspiration from the brand's rich heritage while incorporating cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality.

Accurist firmly believes that it is high time for a premium British brand to be accessible to all. It envisions an extraordinary watch that delivers unparalleled quality at an affordable price point, ensuring that everyone can experience the essence of luxury on their wrist.

Established in 1946 by Asher and Rebecca Loftus in London's renowned Clerkenwell district, which was once the epicenter of British watchmaking, Accurist was founded on the principle of crafting timepieces of premium quality using Swiss components. The brand sought to create a name that would endure through time, embodying excellence and sophistication. Today, Accurist carries on this illustrious legacy, continuing to captivate watch enthusiasts with its exceptional timepieces.