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1pMobile is a UK-based company with over 20 years of experience in the mobile phone market. Their mission is to provide a straightforward and cost-effective mobile tariff that offers great value for money to low and medium phone users. With a commitment to simplicity and fairness, 1pMobile aims to save customers money by offering the UK's cheapest Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) mobile tariff.

Unlike traditional contracts or restrictive bundles, 1pMobile offers a pricing structure that gives users full control over their spending. They provide a tariff of 1p per minute for calls to UK mobiles and landlines, 1p per text, and 1p per MB of data. This fixed rate applies to calls and texts to any UK network, at any time, ensuring there are no hidden charges or surprises. They also offer data Boosts ranging from 1GB to 200GB, allowing users to add blocks of data as needed.

At 1pMobile, the focus is on offering flexibility and great value. Instead of allocating fixed numbers of calls, texts, or MBs, they empower customers to spend their top-up as they see fit. Whether it's minutes, texts, or data, users have the freedom to use every penny according to their preferences. The company takes pride in providing the UK's cheapest PAYG mobile tariff while delivering excellent customer service. They offer an easy-to-navigate website, multiple SIM card sizes, and dedicated advisors who are readily available to assist customers both online and over the phone. With 1pMobile, customers can enjoy a first-class mobile network experience without the need for costly contracts or compromises.