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Ancestry is a brand that helps individuals uncover their unique family history and connect with their roots. With a vast collection of historical records, DNA testing services, and an intuitive online platform, Ancestry enables people to explore their genealogy and discover the stories and experiences of their ancestors.

Through its comprehensive database, Ancestry allows users to access billions of records from all over the world, including birth certificates, census data, immigration records, and more. By piecing together these fragments of the past, individuals can construct a rich family tree that spans generations. Moreover, Ancestry's DNA testing service provides an additional layer of insight by revealing ethnic origins and potential relatives.

Ancestry provides unbeatable deals, coupons, offers and cashback via OODLZ cashback.

Ancestry is more than just a collection of data; it is a community of individuals passionate about uncovering their personal histories. The platform offers tools for collaboration and connection, allowing users to share research findings, experiences, and stories. Whether users are interested in building a family tree, discovering their ethnicity, or connecting with long-lost relatives, Ancestry provides a reliable and user-friendly platform to support their journey of self-discovery and understanding. With its commitment to preserving and celebrating individual heritage, Ancestry empowers people to connect with their past, embrace their present, and shape their future.


Discover Your Family History with Ancestry

The Ancestry Family History Kit is a comprehensive genealogy tool that allows you to discover your roots and uncover the mysteries of your family's past.

Uncover Your Ancestral Roots with Ancestry DNA

Unlock the secrets of your ancestry with the Ancestry DNA Test, a simple yet powerful way to explore your genetic heritage.

Trace Your Heritage and Uncover Ancestry Stories

Discover the rich tapestry of your family history with Ancestry's extensive collection of historical records, enabling you to trace your lineage back through the ages.

Unlock Insights into Your Background with Ancestry

Uncover fascinating insights about your ancestors and their lives with Ancestry's advanced research tools, helping you piece together your family's story like never before.

Connect with Your Ancestors through Ancestry's Records

Customise your Ancestry profile to reflect your unique heritage and personal interests, creating a truly personalised experience as you delve into the past.