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Why are we here?Like us, animals can’t always get all the nutrients they need from food alone. At ZamiPet we’ve put together our best experts, best ingredients and best science to develop a range of premium pet supplements (including Probiotics), dental sticks and healthy treats, specially formulated to support optimum health and address the main health challenges facing dogs. You might recognise the symptoms:When your dog’s ‘get up and go’ has goneWhen it’s too hard to jump in the back of the carWhen she’s lost her appetite or showing signs of an upset tummyWhen the wag of his tail is a bit half-hearted, or her coat has lost its lustreWhen your dog’s breath and oral health need a brush upWe’re here to help your much-loved pets get their edge back. And we’ve given it a name: ZamiZip. ZamiPet gives them that ZamiZip.