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Super Sleeper Pro® is a company that was created to address the struggles many people face with getting a good night's sleep. After hearing countless stories from friends and family members about uncomfortable mattresses, aches and pains, and restless partners, they decided to take action. 

The company understands the importance of getting quality sleep, as we spend over a third of our lives sleeping. The problem with many sleep solutions on the market is that they do not address all the issues that can affect our sleep. At Super Sleeper Pro®, the focus is on providing Australians with affordable, effective sleep solutions. Their range of products uses long-lasting materials that offer full-body support while you sleep. 

Super Sleeper Pro® made it easy for you to keep your sleeping environment clean and hygienic by ensuring that all of the products have removable covers for easy cleaning. At Super Sleeper Pro®, they're committed to providing Australians with the best possible sleep experience.