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Founded in 2009, OVO made its entrance into the UK energy market with a clear focus on exceptional service, affordability, and increased accessibility to renewable energy. As the largest independent energy retailer in the UK, OVO has extended its reach to over 5 million households, supplying renewable energy sources that align with its eco-friendly ethos.

Expanding its commitment to sustainability, OVO entered the Australian market in 2019, carrying forward its environmentally conscious approach. By offering customers the option to embrace 100% GreenPower, OVO pledges to source all of their electricity usage from certified renewable energy generators. This commitment is subject to rigorous auditing through the government's GreenPower scheme, ensuring transparency and accountability.

OVO's dedication to promoting renewable energy extends to its active participation in the government's GreenPower scheme. This initiative certifies energy derived from accredited renewable sources such as wind, solar, water, and bioenergy, solidifying OVO's role in facilitating the transition towards cleaner, greener energy alternatives.