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OTAA, or The Brothers at OTAA, is a company that specialises in crafting and designing unique ties and accessories. With a vast selection of products available, customers can browse through an extensive range of bow ties, neckties, and skinny ties.

The team behind OTAA creates intricate designs, from quirky animal patterns to classic paisleys, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Every fabric is hand-stitched using a 1000-needle process, an old Japanese technique that ensures each item is of the highest standard.

The OTAA team is composed of a global network of individuals, including a web designer from London, a journal writer living in Tunisia, and an artist who aspires to chisel Michelangelo's statue. Despite the diverse backgrounds of the team members, they share a common goal in making exceptional ties and accessories. With their creative approach and unwavering dedication to quality, The Brothers at OTAA continue to deliver exceptional products to customers around the world.