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Onward founders Rob and Josh are passionate individuals who initially crossed paths while serving in the Australian Army. Their shared love for adventure, the great outdoors, and ensuring the safety of their families propelled them on a remarkable journey to establish Onward. Their vision was to develop a baby carrier specifically designed for active parents who share their passion for outdoor exploration, with a particular focus on creating a carrier that fathers could proudly wear while maintaining style.

Drawing upon their military backgrounds, Rob and Josh extensively researched the market and leveraged their expertise in load carrying harness systems to craft a superior baby carrier design. Striving for nothing but the best quality, they collaborated with a renowned manufacturer of defense equipment, resulting in the birth of Onward. Their unwavering belief in the exceptional quality of their product is exemplified by the lifetime guarantee accompanying each carrier.

Notably, Onward's baby carrier has garnered international recognition as hip-healthy, providing parents with the perfect opportunity to forge lasting bonds with their families while embarking on outdoor adventures and creating cherished memories that will endure a lifetime.