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A celebration of modern women and their timeless elegance.
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MISHA is an Australian fashion brand, headquartered in Melbourne, with a design team that has been passionately crafting ready-to-wear collections since 2014. Their designs embody an empowering aesthetic tailored to the modern-day woman. Michelle Aznavorian, the founder of MISHA, has fostered a genuine community of spirit that is both humble and proud, instilling the brand with a unique sense of camaraderie.

Having graduated from the Melbourne School of Fashion in 2018, Michelle remains at the helm, nurturing and guiding the brand's creative vision. MISHA has earned a stellar reputation for inspiring women to shine through their diverse and carefully curated fabrications, focusing on top-notch quality and meticulous construction.

In 2021, MISHA expanded its offerings to include the practical and accessible MISHA Urban collection, designed to complement existing wardrobes. The brand continues to evolve, maintaining its commitment to exceptional design, fostering a strong community, and promoting sustainability. With its Melbourne studio as a creative hub, MISHA's journey is a celebration of modern women and their timeless elegance.