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Kokoso Baby® is an esteemed organic skincare brand founded by Lauren, a devoted mother in search of a natural solution for her baby's delicate skin. It was through her journey as a new mum that she discovered the remarkable benefits and versatility of raw virgin organic coconut oil, igniting her passion for creating a skincare brand centered around this incredible ingredient.

Together with her husband Mark, Lauren embarked on an extensive quest to find the perfect lightweight organic coconut oil enriched with the healing properties of nature. Their unwavering determination led them to uncover something truly exceptional, which they were eager to share with fellow parents and their little ones. The couple's efforts were rewarded when they emerged victorious in the Boots 'Inspired by Baby' competition and secured investment on BBC's Dragons' Den. These milestones marked the beginning of Kokoso Baby's journey.

Driven by their love for their own children and a genuine desire to provide the best for families everywhere, the mum and dad team expanded their range to include a diverse selection of coconut oil toiletries. Today, Kokoso Baby proudly offers a collection of multi award-winning products that have garnered recognition for their exceptional quality. With each creation, Lauren and Mark infuse their passion, care, and dedication to ensure that every parent and baby can experience the nurturing benefits of their coconut oil skincare line.