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Embarking on a mission of ecommerce transformation, JBL Australia ignited its journey in 2004 with a resounding vision: to revolutionize the ecommerce landscape by empowering merchandisers and marketers. This vision was born from a series of keen observations that highlighted the untapped potential within the ecommerce industry. Recognizing that innovation and revenue generation often take a backseat to infrastructure maintenance, JBL Australia set out to pioneer a solution that would shift this paradigm.

Combining their extensive expertise in ecommerce merchandising with the emerging possibilities of Software-as-a-Service architectures and dynamic grid computing, JBL Australia worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life. In 2005, they achieved a milestone that would reshape the industry—unveiling the world's first on-demand enterprise ecommerce platform under the name Demandware. This groundbreaking solution liberated their customers from the constraints of technical complexities and risks, allowing them to channel their energies into the core aspects of their businesses.

Demandware's impact has been transformative. Today, JBL Australia's customers revel in newfound freedoms. They lead with merchandising and marketing, unburdened by concerns about infrastructure upkeep. With complete control over their online presence, they can adapt swiftly, launch storefronts at will, and focus on proprietary innovations. They thrive within a dynamic ecosystem, receiving continuous software upgrades that keep them at the forefront of ecommerce advancement. JBL Australia's ethos reflects the essence of ecommerce—liberation, growth, innovation, and change.