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Dreame Technology, established in 2015, is a forward-thinking company focused on enhancing the quality of life for global users through high-end cleaning appliances. By leveraging astrodynamics technologies, Dreame has become a leading force in the smart household cleaning appliance industry, joining the Xiaomi ecological chain in 2017. Their dedication to innovation has resulted in over 150 core patents, including cutting-edge inventions such as the high-speed motor, monocular machine vision, SLAM, and multi-cone cyclone separation.

Driven by a vision for a positive digital future, Dreame remains deeply committed to delivering powerful products that simplify cleaning experiences for customers worldwide. With a team of engineers from renowned universities and expertise in aerospace dynamics, the company thrives on continuous innovation. They actively engage in understanding customer insights, seeking to address evolving needs and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Beyond just being a marketplace for cleaning tools, Dreame aims to foster a community hub where people can engage in discussions about the latest technology and collaborate to make positive changes. They encourage non-engineers to contribute their practical applications and insights during regular science and tech seminar events. Dreame's mission is to create not only top-notch cleaning appliances but also a platform for learning, growth, and impactful advancements in the industry.