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Connetix Tiles, founded in June 2019, is the result of two families coming together with a shared vision. Meeting through their children's primary school, they were inspired by the educational and enjoyable nature of magnetic tiles. Determined to create a superior product, the families set out to develop Connetix Tiles, designed to be strong, safe, and offer exceptional clarity in light refractions. Their love for building and creativity is evident in their vibrant social media presence, where they share their imaginative creations with a wider audience.

Brea, an experienced primary school teacher and a mother of three, brings her expertise in early childhood education and a passion for learning through play to Connetix Tiles. With a Masters qualification in early childhood education, Brea values open-ended, high-quality toys that can adapt and grow with children.

Dave, a seasoned businessman with a strong background in finance and entrepreneurship, adds his extensive knowledge of manufacturing and product distribution to the team. Having worked as a mechanical designer in Engineering offices for five years, Dave understands the intricacies of bringing a top-notch product to market. As a father of two young children who are avid Connetix Tiles enthusiasts, Dave personally experiences the joy and versatility these tiles bring to everyday play, even bringing along a travel pack for family outings.

At Connetix Tiles, their utmost priority is delivering a product of exceptional quality that will bring joy to children for years to come. With their dedication to providing open-ended and educational play experiences, they strive to offer a lasting source of entertainment and learning for children everywhere.