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BLUETTI AU is a company dedicated to providing equal opportunities for happiness and prosperity. Since 2021, they have been committed to offering sustainable access to electricity to over 2,000 households in Kenya, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of reliable power.

With a focus on caring for both people and the planet, BLUETTI AU has made a significant impact. They have assisted 7.34 million families from more than 70 countries in reducing carbon emissions by an average of 48.2% in 2022. Through their efforts, these families have been empowered to overcome over 29.3 million hours of power outages, improving their quality of life.

BLUETTI AU understands the importance of responsible love and meaningful family bonding. They advocate for shared interests and a positive attitude as key factors in fostering strong family connections. Last year alone, they facilitated enjoyable experiences for 5,607 fathers and sons, promoting memorable moments and creating lasting bonds.

Driven by a vision of building a better future for all 8.1 billion people and future generations, BLUETTI AU is dedicated to using clean energy and reducing their impact on the environment. By prioritizing sustainability and responsible practices, they strive to create a more sustainable and prosperous world for everyone.