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Beer Cartel was founded in 2009 with a passion for providing beer drinkers with access to amazing beers from Australia and overseas, and to broaden people's horizons to what beer can be.

Starting as a monthly beer subscription, the business quickly grew and in 2011, they opened their first Sydney store. Beer Cartel now offers an extensive range of 1,000 different beers both online and in-store.

The company is passionate about supporting the craft beer industry, and they launched the Australian Craft Beer Survey, which has over 24,000 participants. Additionally, the extremely popular Beer Advent Calendar was also launched, further promoting the world of craft beer.

Beer Cartel's founding philosophy is to put good beer in the hands of consumers and provide quality craft beer sourced from around the world. The company continues to live by its mission and inspire people to learn more about the amazing world of craft beer.